Hiking on The Big Island (yes, Hawai’i)

Steam vents at Volcano National Park My calendar of hikes for the past month has gone something like this: Annadel. Shiloh. Annadel. Hawai'i. Annadel. Annadel. Not the most varied of treks, but that one in the middle was a nice detour from the usual trails. During a recent [...]

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Fog and wildflowers and Pomo Canyon

It gets overlooked by Point Reyes, but a terrific coastal-view hike right here in our backyard is the trek up and down into Pomo Canyon. Having not been out there in a while, I took advantage of a brilliantly sunny and warm day to head to the beach. Park at [...]

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Whether or not to hike alone

Reading how a 13-year-old shouted away a nearby mountain lion at a regional park in Glen Ellen this week reminded me yet again why hiking alone is not always the smartest choice. Another reminder came a couple of weeks ago when I was about to pull into a trailhead in [...]

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Be a volunteer hawkwatcher in the Marin Headlands

More opportunities to get out. This one involves a bit of looking up. ______________________ The Golden Gate Raptor Observatory (GGRO) is currently seeking volunteers to help in its efforts to count, monitor, and track the Golden Gate migration, the largest flight of raptors in the Western U.S. A program of [...]

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Earth Day to Memorial Day spring parks events in Sonoma County

Passing on information on several events planned by Sonoma County Regional Parks over the next five weeks. See their official release below.     Regional Parks presents Parks Celebration 2014, dozens of free adventures in Sonoma County's parks and open spaces from Earth Day, April 22, through Memorial Day, May 26. [...]

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The great climb and views in Lucas Valley

The single best moment of last weekend's hike came as I hit the Big Ridge at the top of the trail. I had finished a series of long, pensive switchbacks when I emerged into a clearing and could see the entire world. Well, at least the San Francisco skyline, several [...]

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A thoughtful hike to honor Jonathan Glass

(PD file/2013) This is a small community, and among those who are outdoors-oriented, whether in advocacy, government, conservation or just recreation (like me!), paths often cross. The handful of organizations that lead many hikes around here and work tirelessly for open space protection and preservation and access include [...]

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Finding quiet and noise at Tubbs Island

Sometimes, the solitude of a place can be unexpected. On my first visit to the Lower Tubbs Island Trail, I was curious about how a wildlife refuge can exist there. For one, the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge is bordered by two major roadways, a large water body and [...]

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Which national parks get the most visitors each year?

So the Golden Gate National Recreation Area was the most-visited part of the National Park Service last year. It attracted more than 14 million people. No idea how that number came about as whenever I hike there, I never check in, but maybe cars are counted and other measurements are [...]

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Another local (wildflowers) hike

See below from the good folks who run the Bouverie Preserve in Glen Ellen: ________________ Audubon Canyon Ranch (ACR), a leader in conservation science, habitat protection and restoration, and nature education, announced its Backyard Naturalist Program on Wildflowers will take place on Saturday, March 29, 2014, from 9:30 a.m. to [...]

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Wildflowers at Pepperwood Preserve

Photo provided by Pepperwood Preserve (Tom Greco) More spring wildflower hiking news.... Information on the annual Wildflower Festival at the Pepperwood Preserve. Official details from the organizers: "Celebrate the beauty of Sonoma County’s native wildflowers and the majesty of the Mayacamas Mountains at Pepperwood’s 6th annual Wildflower Festival [...]

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Hiking, meditation and Jack London

Jack London, from "Jack London An American Life." book by Earle Labor The headline kind of says it all. On my better outings, 'meditative hiking' is a redundant term for me, but not often enough. Check out this interesting opportunity at Jack London State Park this Sunday to [...]

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