Since we’re at the summer solstice and daylight seems to stretch on and on these days, it’s hard to not want to be outdoors on a hike. Plenty of options this weekend all around, so maybe I’ll see you on a trail.

Recently, I checked out Wallace Falls, a series of nine waterfalls about 30 minutes north of Seattle. Stunning, including a monster 265-foot-high one that had to be seen to be believed. The hike was about six miles of steady up-and-back elevation, but suitable for all ages, given the width and condition of the trails and the frequent opportunities for breaks.

It was a rare day with bright sunshine and warmth all day and no clouds in sight, but the cover and coolness from the ferns, moss and oaks provided plenty of shade and eased the walk. I’m told that to see the waterfall on a rainy day when the sky literally looks like it’s falling into the falls itself is spectacular too. But this was pretty great as well.

If you’re up that way, highly recommend it. Here’s a link for more details.

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