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Shiloh, shadows and Tolay

Despite some earlier predictions of wintry-like weather around here this past weekend, it turned out to be a perfect weekend for hiking. Clear sky, a sun warming things up from the early-morning frost levels, and not many people out on the trails. At Shiloh Ranch Regional Park, the trails are extremely muddy right about now, thanks to the recent rains. The result is that the Canyon and Creekside trails are open only to pedestrians right now, and the footing is… Read More »

A trek inside Tolay Lake Regional Park

Right now, Tolay Lake looks more like a shallow stream. And the park seems to be a collection of a few old agricultural buildings. On both counts, looks can be deceiving. Welcome to Sonoma County’s second largest regional park, and one that could one day even be much larger when an adjacent tract of open-space land in the southern Sonoma County region is folded into the park. Named for an Indian chief, Tolay Lake itself would be about 400 acres… Read More »

Outing: Guided hike at Tolay Lake Regional Park

News from the Sonoma County Regional Parks: Join a Regional Parks ranger on a four-hour guided hike at Tolay Lake Regional Park on Saturday, Feb. 11th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Bay Area while learning about this incredible property and its history. This hike follows sections of trail with uneven footing and is not for inexperienced hikers; hikers must be in good physical condition. This outing is presented as part of the Sonoma iWALK… Read More »