Steep Ravine from and to Stinson Beach

[imagebrowser id=67] Now is a great time to do that trail trifecta that starts and ends at Stinson Beach. Judging from the crowds on two of the trails, you - or someone you know - has likely done it. Of course I'm referring to the loop of Steep Ravine, Dipsea [...]

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Start 2012 with a hike. Please.

For many people, New Year’s Day is time to start on a resolution, or embrace some superstition or tradition. Black-eyed peas, anyone? For me, it’s a chance to take a hike. After whatever occurred, or didn’t occur, the big night before, a brisk walk on the first day of the [...]

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Mount Tam in a hurry

Fast-paced means fast-paced. Hiking up the mountain with a purpose - or at least it felt that way.

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That breeze really helped


Matt Davis & Steep Ravine Trails, Stinson Beach Another reprise of a hike from several months ago. But this one offered the beach in the summer. I think I was so eager to

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Headed up a hill, came down to a beach

Matt Davis Trailhead/Steep Ravine, Stinson Beach Yikes. Back on the trail again after another few weeks of traveling. Good to be back in CA and off the airplanes for awhile. Was about a 7.5-mile hike across a couple of trails. Amazing scenery, plenty of views of the ocean for most [...]

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