3 easy, short Sonoma hikes (part 3)

(Part 3) Finally, for the icing on the cake, or the final swig of the glass, head to Bartholomew Park, northeast of Sonoma’s plaza. The 400-acre park is home to a winery, museum, vineyards and picnic areas, but it also has three Base works. After fuss. I a price. Usually [...]

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3 easy, short Sonoma hikes (part 2)

Part 2: Sonoma Valley Regional Park, on Highway 12 just east of Glen Ellen. Like Maxwell Farms, more people probably know this park by its roadside enclosed area, in this case a fenced dog park instead of a skateboarding site. Start in the parking lot of this 200-plus-acre [...]

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3 easy, short Sonoma hikes (part 1)

Sometimes a rigorous day hike is in front of you, but who says the hike can’t be a collection of smaller hikes? With the town of Sonoma as the center point, there are many mini-hikes to check out, from the Sonoma Overlook Park to walks around town to [...]

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Blazing trails in Lake County and Sonoma

Two positive developments for area hikers were reported in the news recently. Neither will mean new trails anytime soon, but within a couple of years, both could open the way for more access to two previously-unexplored parts of the North Coast region. First, Montini Ranch which is the scenic backdrop [...]

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