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Hiking from beach to beach along the Sonoma Coast

  I can’t say that I know how Blind Beach got its name (although I suspect it’s not that big or interesting of a mystery), but Goat Rock Beach is clear enough as the massive stone expanse that is Goat Rock is directly in view of the beach. It had been a while since I had been out on the Sonoma Coast Trail online viagra for a decent hike, so a very hot day inland proved to be a viagra… Read More »

Fog and wildflowers and Pomo Canyon

It gets overlooked by Point Reyes, but a terrific coastal-view hike right here in our backyard is the trek up and down into Pomo Canyon. Having not been out there in a while, I took advantage of a brilliantly sunny and warm day to head to the beach. Park at the large (and free) parking lot at Shell Beach where there are facilities, ocean views and maps. And then walk across Highway 1 and head upward. It’s a steep climb… Read More »

Windy as ever at Bodega Head

[imagebrowser id=83] It was 95 degrees last weekend at home so a coastal trip seemed like a good idea. With not a lot of time but a desire to be cool and see the open water, I went to Bodega Head. Hadn’t been there in years and figured it would be a change. Strong winds and 55 degrees made for a cool outing. The hiking isn’t an all-day affair, but there’s a three-mile-long trail that is monumentally scenic with virtually… Read More »

Willow Creek to Pomo Canyon to Shell Beach

[imagebrowser id=82] After approximately 200 hikes in the past four years, I get very excited at the prospect of a new one, especially one right here in Sonoma County. Sometimes a new hike can be a combination of some well-known hikes stitched together a different way, or can include a new segment tacked on to an existing one. My setting last weekend was a point-to-point hike taking me from Willow Creek, located at Duncans Mills, all the way to the… Read More »

Shell Beach to Pomo Canyon

Years ago, someone told me that one of the best short hikes in Sonoma County was the trek to Pomo Canyon. I had forgotten about that insight until this past weekend when I ventured there for the first time. That person, and I can’t remember the source (sorry!), wasn’t kidding. The trip to and from the Jenner campground is truly a terrific multi-faceted experience crammed into a very manageable hike. Pomo Canyon, which may not have been a Pomo Indian… Read More »

Start 2012 with a hike. Please.

For many people, New Year’s Day is time to start on a resolution, or embrace some superstition or tradition. Black-eyed peas, anyone? For me, it’s a chance to take a hike. After whatever occurred, or didn’t occur, the big night before, a brisk walk on the first day of the year feels right. And unlike most of the country, it usually can be done in fairly moderate weather rather than in frigid conditions. The last few years, I’ve sprinkled my… Read More »

A warm day at Freezeout Flat

Back in 2005, when a 3,373-acre patch of land near the Sonoma Coast came into public ownership, it was envisioned that it would one day be part of the state parks system. That made sense as the land – known as Willow Creek – was adjacent to Sonoma Coast State Park. But that was then, and this is now, an era where there’s little public funding for anything, especially parks. So the Willow Creek property is in that sort-of-closed, sort-of-open… Read More »