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An uncrowded beach hike

Starting a hike on a beach is a treat because it allows you to discard your shoes, wriggle your toes in the sand and even walk in the edge of the surf as it laps the shore. On a recent hike that started on Limantour Beach at Point Reyes, we had the beach virtually to ourselves. It’s one of my favorite beaches because the cliffs are set back enough that there’s a wide expanse of sand. Good for gatherings, beach… Read More »

One way to beat jet lag

There was a moment last weekend when a few of us were down on the Pacific Ocean at the base of a large cliff. The water had rushed out allowing us time to dash further along the edge of the cliff into a small cave-like recess. But suddenly the water came in, not really trapping us but momentarily providing a shock as we realized just how quickly the area where we were could be underwater and unreachable. Hiking provides a… Read More »