Back to Alamere Falls

The first hike after a long layoff is always a bit daunting. Do you start with a quick neighborhood stroll, or a lap around a lake, or do you dive in to something vigorous and accept that it'll be painful and rough?

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One way to beat jet lag

There was a moment last weekend when a few of us were down on the Pacific Ocean at the base of a large cliff. The water had rushed out allowing us time to dash further along the edge of the cliff into a small cave-like recess. But suddenly the water [...]

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Slipping and sliding at Alamere Falls

When the setting for a hike is speckled with brilliant orange, yellow, red and purple flowers, and the sun forces me to discard my sweatshirt and even consider sunscreen, I'm calling it....

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Whale-watching at Point Reyes

If you head to Point Reyes and drive north about as far as you can, you'll eventually hit the end of Pierce Point Road and the start of Tomales Point...

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Search update for missing Point Reyes hiker

Several dozen people have been walking all around part of Point Reyes National Seashore since Saturday afternoon, looking for a 37-year-old hiker who disappeared. According to the Marin County Sheriff's Office, the woman was last seen Thursday and her car has been parked at McClure's Beach since Friday. The search [...]

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Good clean fun

If you're out and about on Saturday on a hike, you may encounter hordes of people cleaning up trash, pruning bushes, pulling out weeds and picking up debris. They're....

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Quaking in my hiking boots

Seismoscope image from Yountville. 1906 earthquake. (Press Democrat file)

Earthquake Trail, Point Reyes National Seashore When I decided to move to California, more than one person commented that I should watch out for...

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Sculptured rocks, not bodies


Limantour Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore Every time I make it out to this jagged slice of the Pacific coast, it feels like a new experience. While there are only four major trailheads in the coastal park, add in a dozen different camping areas and numerous smaller trails and you could hike all day.

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The Tule Elk is found only in CA – and only in three places in CA

Tomales Point, Point Reyes Beach OK. Headed back out after more out-of-town trips. Too many time zones, too few hours of sleep. Anyway, hike was set for today out at Point Reyes along the coast and then headed over to a beach for a bonfire/cookout/potluck dinner. I was told we [...]

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A hiker, not a lover?

Alamere Falls, near Bolinas Same route as one I did a few months ago, but that was summer-like and now it's into winter, so the view and terrain were slightly different. Plus, in the hiking group I've joined up with, there are lots of people involved so some can make [...]

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I meet the Pacific Ocean

Palomarin Trailhead, Hike to Alamere Falls, outside Bolinas   Was away last weekend and couldn't hike but came back in time for this one. Turned out to a triptych-type of hike, I suppose. This is part of the Point Reyes National Seashore. I had come to Point Reyes years ago [...]

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