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Table Rock and other sky-high sights

[imagebrowser id=75] Trails do change. It’s sometimes hard to notice, what with the effort often required just to get through a hike or the dizzying spectacle of surrounding nature. But the path itself can evolve too. I thought of that on a long hike up into the Palisades north of Calistoga last weekend. It’s a hike I’ve done several times, in different directions, in different seasons, in different moods, but the trail is shrinking. Well, just part of it is.… Read More »

My tale of two hikes

The conventional wisdom for many Bay Area hikers is that when the summer heat arrives, although it’s never that bad, the answer is to head for the coast and cooler spots. The downside is that you’re not alone, or even close, as lots of people have the same idea and once-isolated trails quickly clog up. But sometimes that wisdom is upside-down, hence in recent weeks my cool hike was pretty heated, and my too-hot hike was nice and brisk. In… Read More »

Rock patterns and mazes in Calistoga

About once a year, I hike the Palisades trail. It’s the collection of post-volcanic rock formations adjacent to Mount St. Helena and overlooking Calistoga. It’s not a summertime hike to be sure as much of it is exposed and high up, meaning you will absolutely bake in a Napa summer. But in the winter, it’s as pleasant as it is strenuous, which is saying something. I headed there recently and did my favorite route, which is to park at the… Read More »