Table Rock and other sky-high sights

[imagebrowser id=75] Trails do change. It's sometimes hard to notice, what with the effort often required just to get through a hike or the dizzying spectacle of surrounding nature. But the path itself can evolve too. I thought of that on a long hike up into the Palisades north of [...]

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Indian paintbrush in the Palisades

Bright colors, bright stories and knee-testing rocks. A pre-Easter jaunt....

By | April 4th, 2010|2 Comments

P as in pain (and Palisades)

On several occasions over the past year, I had skirted the Palisades, either missing out when some of my friends were headed there a couple of times, or taking other hikes that were adjacent to the mile-long volcanic ridge that sits over.....

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Serenaded by the Rock of Ages

PA030251One of the many wonderful things about these hikes around the Bay Area is the chance to get an education each time out on some obscure...

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I can do it, I can do it….

n1644048484_216864_5832313 Oat Hill Mine Trail, Calistoga Uh oh. This one was billed as 16 miles. That's nothing for my fellow hikers but remember, I'm a newbie to this hiking thing,

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