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Which national parks get the most visitors each year?

So the Golden Gate National Recreation Area was the most-visited part of the National Park Service last year. It attracted more than 14 million people. No idea how that number came about as whenever I hike there, I never check in, but maybe cars are counted and other measurements are taken. In any case, when I see a news report with a claim like that, I sometimes put on my old reporter’s hat (yes, I was a reporter long ago….)… Read More »

Free days at National Parks

If you’re thinking of checking out a national park this summer, you may want to know about the free-admission days that have been announced. This was a promotion that was rolled out last summer to encourage people to get out and vacation cheaply in some of the country’s best sites. It worked. So, the fee-free days are¬†back. They apply to about 100 national parks, including Yosemite. Click here for the exact dates and info. Tweet