Winding up and through Castle Rock

Castle Rock is actually "Castle Rocks," to be more accurate. It is the series of post-volcanic rock masses that have formed adjacent to Mount Diablo State Park. From the marked trails, you can see the huge formations towering overhead, but for a better treat, head off trail and go explore the rocks and caves up close.

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The straight and narrow path at Mount Diablo

There are many ways to reach the top of Mount Diablo, and it's worth doing so. On a clear day, more land and water can be seen from that point than from any other park in the continental U.S. That's according to one of the placards inside the brand-new exhibit space inside the visitor center at the top of the summit, some 3,900 feet up.

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Mountain goats and Miwok mortars in Diablo

Nothing like a rigorous and rewarding hike to occupy the day after Christmas.

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Snaking through Mount Diablo

Picture this - you're coming downhill from a long, all-day hike and only have a mile or so to go. It's hot,

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Rocking art in Mount Diablo’s shadow

I've often admired the way nature creates art. Whether in the fluid motions of a waterfall, or a volcanic rock formation that is a sculpture as well, or in how a tree may branch out in an unexpected

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Surviving the thicket of the devil

As Spanish soldiers pursued Native American villagers nearly 200 years ago, the locals would often elude capture by disappearing into the mountainside of what is now northern California. One hill in the East Bay region, an area home to dozens of different tribes, was particularly vexing for the Spanish, and they took to calling...

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