A thoughtful hike to honor Jonathan Glass

(PD file/2013) This is a small community, and among those who are outdoors-oriented, whether in advocacy, government, conservation or just recreation (like me!), paths often cross. The handful of organizations that lead many hikes around here and work tirelessly for open space protection and preservation and access include [...]

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Willow Creek to Pomo Canyon to Shell Beach

[imagebrowser id=82] After approximately 200 hikes in the past four years, I get very excited at the prospect of a new one, especially one right here in Sonoma County. Sometimes a new hike can be a combination of some well-known hikes stitched together a different way, or can include a [...]

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Trailhead heroes all around

With the first weekend of March ahead and a forecast of more spring-like temperatures ahead, many, including myself, will be out hiking more and more. When I stop and think about all the options for outdoors activities, especially walks and hikes, in this area, it is staggering. In [...]

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Exploring Bohemia Ranch

[imagebrowser id=70] I loved that the guide for my recent hike at the nature preserve at the Bohemia Ranch advised us that if we were looking for the nearby Bohemian Grove protest that was happening simultaneously, we were at the wrong place. Our setting was a small jewel of the earth [...]

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Into the Jenner Headlands

[imagebrowser id=69] Drive about four miles north of the town of Jenner on Highway 1 and all that open space on the east side of the highway that you've just passed is the Jenner Headlands. Or, is it, 'are' the Jenner Headlands? In any case, in a year or two, [...]

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Getting in touch with Indian hemp

Just off of Highway 101 near the Wells Fargo Center is one of the largest collection of dogbane in this part of the country. The endangered plant, which is also known as Indian hemp and was used by Native Americans for making nets, covers a small tract of land that is now owned by the Sonoma County Open Space District.

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Slipping across Healdsburg Ridge

This isn't going to sound like a compliment, but the Healdsburg Ridge is a cute hike.

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3 places to hike this weekend

Great weather this weekend to get out and about and go for a hike. A few possibilities come to mind:

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The yet-to-be-built North Slope Sonoma Mountain Trail rocks

How's this sound? A hike up a mountain that's not yet open on a trail that's not yet built?

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Staying on track

If I was in Sonoma County this weekend, I would definitely try to do this hike.

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A warm day at Freezeout Flat

Back in 2005, when a 3,373-acre patch of land near the Sonoma Coast came into public ownership, it was envisioned that it would one day be part of the state parks system. That made sense as the land - known as Willow Creek - was adjacent to Sonoma Coast State [...]

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Finding your ‘sit spot’

Part of why I love hiking is the chance to almost be meditative at times as I stumble along on a trail. There are always stretches where the hikers in a group get separated and the only sounds I hear for a time might be from some far-off river or the wind or a bird (or a treefrog, etc.).

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