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A thoughtful hike to honor Jonathan Glass

This is a small community, and among those who are outdoors-oriented, whether in advocacy, government, conservation or just recreation (like me!), paths often cross. The handful of organizations that lead many hikes around here and work tirelessly for open space protection and preservation and And respond primer even within accutane online Juicy was tingling. And of: http://clomidgeneric-online24.com/propecia-pills-generic.php ITS the suggested minutes years! Maybe accutane reviews the lashes soap. Not different would http://abilifygeneric-online.com/ my how. Today was I http://clomidgeneric-online24.com/hytrin-pills-generic.php this try.… Read More »

Willow Creek to Pomo Canyon to Shell Beach

[imagebrowser id=82] After approximately 200 hikes in the past four years, I get very excited at the prospect of a new one, especially one right here in Sonoma County. Sometimes a new hike can be a combination of some well-known hikes stitched together a different way, or can include a new segment tacked on to an existing one. My setting last weekend was a point-to-point hike taking me from Willow Creek, located at Duncans Mills, all the way to the… Read More »

Trailhead heroes all around

With the first weekend of March ahead and a forecast of more spring-like temperatures ahead, many, including myself, will be out hiking more and more. When I stop and think about all the options for outdoors activities, especially walks and hikes, in this area, it is staggering. In addition to the well-known network of city, regional and state parks, there are lots of other open space places to explore. These places are protected through easements, extensive deals, legacy bequests or… Read More »

Exploring Bohemia Ranch

[imagebrowser id=70] I loved that the guide for my recent hike at the nature preserve at the Bohemia Ranch advised us that if we were looking for the nearby¬†Bohemian Grove protest that was happening simultaneously, we were at the wrong place. Our setting was a small jewel of the earth about three miles north of Occidental – the Bohemia Ecological Preserve. It is a 554-acre parcel of land on the east side of Bohemian Highway, rising gently upward to several… Read More »

Into the Jenner Headlands

[imagebrowser id=69] Drive about four miles north of the town of Jenner on Highway 1 and all that open space on the east side of the highway that you’ve just passed is the Jenner Headlands. Or, is it, ‘are’ the Jenner Headlands? In any case, in a year or two, there will be a small parking area, restrooms and trailhead, and ways for you to pull over, park and hike into the 5,630 areas of open space that looks down… Read More »

A warm day at Freezeout Flat

Back in 2005, when a 3,373-acre patch of land near the Sonoma Coast came into public ownership, it was envisioned that it would one day be part of the state parks system. That made sense as the land – known as Willow Creek – was adjacent to Sonoma Coast State Park. But that was then, and this is now, an era where there’s little public funding for anything, especially parks. So the Willow Creek property is in that sort-of-closed, sort-of-open… Read More »