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Spring hikes a-plenty

Yes, ignore the calendar, it’s time for spring hikes. And around Wine Country, there are plenty of scenic opportunities to find a trail, even if you’re not into the back-breaking 15-mile rugged ones (hey, they’re not that bad!) and just want a pleasant diversion from wine tasting or other weekend exploits. Here’s a good update from the PD’s informative Entertainment site on four different ones that are happening over the next few months, from Spring Supposed and of it am… Read More »

Winery hikes here and there

Wineries can be terrific spots for hikes, but the challenge is knowing which ones to go to and where the trails are. And preparing for the wine or food that is surely to accompany, or cap, the hike. Some are overrated, but some are literally diamonds in the rough. The Bartholomew Park Winery in Sonoma stands out for me, but I’ve heard of a few others that are worth noting. Here are just a couple with upcoming scheduled dates for… Read More »