Which national parks get the most visitors each year?

So the Golden Gate National Recreation Area was the most-visited part of the National Park Service last year. It attracted more than 14 million people. No idea how that number came about as whenever I hike there, I never check in, but maybe cars are counted and other measurements are [...]

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Public meetings: Allowing dogs on trails

If you missed Wednesday night's public meeting in Mill Valley on the very controversial plan by the federal government to limit where dogs can be in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, you have a few more chances.

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Are dogs OK on hiking trails?

Few issues get hikers more stirred up than what to do about dogs on trails.

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A moment of Zen on route to Pirates Cove

There’s something about hiking quietly that brings a different feel to the experience. Our group was headed into the Marin Headlands on Sunday, one of my very favorite coastal areas for a lot of reasons.

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Fog and wind over Sausalito

A few months ago, I was on a hike somewhere and saw a note on a kiosk board talking about the Bay Area Ridge Trail. It’s a 325-mile stretch of trails that forms a huge vertical loop around the Bay Area.

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