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Snow and Mount Konocti

For a park that is only six months old, Mount Konocti has quite a history. Go way back to the active days of the Clear Lake volcanic field when the 4,300-feet-high mountain was probably formed. The result was a series of hills that surround Clear Lake in Lake County and provide a scenic, natural setting for all types of outdoors fun. I’ve been told that it is still an ‘active’ volcano, although the last eruption was probably more than 10,000… Read More »

Blazing trails in Lake County and Sonoma

Two positive developments for area hikers were reported in the news recently. Neither will mean new trails anytime soon, but within a couple of years, both could open the way for more access to two previously-unexplored parts of the North Coast region. First, Montini Ranch which is the scenic backdrop to the city of Sonoma. Work on new trails will start there next year although there’s still a thorny issue of public access to the property through an adjacent subdivision.… Read More »

Clear Lake, clear shot

Boggs Mountain, Clear Lake Been on the road for awhile, so was eager to get back to a hike. Headed up here for this one which was being held in something called a State Demonstration Forest. No clue what that means but it looked official and there were parking areas, signs, restrooms and a fire station so it seemed legitimate. Driving up here was new for me, having never been this far north since coming to CA. We (me and… Read More »