My tale of two hikes

The conventional wisdom for many Bay Area hikers is that when the summer heat arrives, although it's never that bad, the answer is to head for the coast and cooler spots. The downside is that you're not alone, or even close, as lots of people have the same [...]

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Alamere Falls and the beach

It was 70 and sunny and I was standing on the beach. Any hike that includes such a moment is a success in my book.

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Back to Alamere Falls

The first hike after a long layoff is always a bit daunting. Do you start with a quick neighborhood stroll, or a lap around a lake, or do you dive in to something vigorous and accept that it'll be painful and rough?

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Slipping and sliding at Alamere Falls

When the setting for a hike is speckled with brilliant orange, yellow, red and purple flowers, and the sun forces me to discard my sweatshirt and even consider sunscreen, I'm calling it....

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Have you seen my wife?


Alamere Falls, near Bolinas So, heading to this spot for the third time since last fall. It's been nearly two months since my last hike, and it's good to be back in

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A hiker, not a lover?

Alamere Falls, near Bolinas Same route as one I did a few months ago, but that was summer-like and now it's into winter, so the view and terrain were slightly different. Plus, in the hiking group I've joined up with, there are lots of people involved so some can make [...]

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I meet the Pacific Ocean

Palomarin Trailhead, Hike to Alamere Falls, outside Bolinas   Was away last weekend and couldn't hike but came back in time for this one. Turned out to a triptych-type of hike, I suppose. This is part of the Point Reyes National Seashore. I had come to Point Reyes years ago [...]

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