Scrambling to new heights, going the extra mile at El Cap

While most decided to cover the event from below, reporter Matt Brown decided to hike some 9 miles and 3,000 vertical feet to capture the story. Here is his behind the scenes look at the hike to the top.

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Padecky: Tragedy, and stupidity, at Yosemite

If you're a Bay Area outdoors enthusiast of any kind, you've seen the horrific news about the three Yosemite hikers who were swept away at Vernal Falls. The entire account by the Associated Press can be read here, but the gist is that the three hikers ignored warning signs and [...]

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Updated: Witness accounts of how Yosemite hikers died

The latest: Three people presumed dead after being swept over a raging waterfall in Yosemite National Park ignored warning signs and crossed a barricade to pose for photographs, a witness said Wednesday.

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Unpleasant tales from two hikers

Two scary stories from the hiking world in CA to pass on. One had an OK ending, one didn't.

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Goat that killed hiker had aggressive past

More on that goat that went crazy in a national park in Washington state.

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Don’t try this on your hike

Miscellany, shared.

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Guest hike: The Grove of Old Trees

If you are in the mood for a beautiful short hike through some large redwoods, consider the Grove of Old Trees near Occidental. There are a few huge trees that have been hollowed out by fire.

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I guess he’s the First Hiker

The first hike I ever did was on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail outside of Asheville, NC. It was difficult, interesting and the start of an unexpected interest in hiking.

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Is it safe for women to hike alone?

Well, is it?

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She cooks, she eats, she hikes?

BiteClub's blogger goes off-road and gets out of the kitchen and into the woods.

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Hikes for the holidays, part 1

What are your suggestions for some fairly easy holiday-season hikes? Maybe places that you love going back to again and again? Or little-known nearby spots that are clearly secrets in our backyard?

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Staying awake in 2B

Cornucupia leftovers, or what I was reading last week...

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