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How city folks hike

Tennessee River, Chattanooga, TN Off traveling again, but did take a long hike all around downtown Chattanooga. The city, which is in the Tennessee mountains, has a great riverfront, so started out there, walked along the banks and cut over the Tennessee River on a fairly new pedestrian bridge that spans the river, and then through the neighborhood on the other side, and then back. It was Super Bowl Sunday so it was all just a precursor to football, junk… Read More »

Maybe the bells scared them off

Flat Top Mountain, Chugach State Park, Anchorage, AK Was in Alaska tending to some family business. (Not nearly as dramatic or Mafia-like as it sounds. Just helping a relative out.) But even though it was a quick trip, it was my first chance to see Alaska in the winter. I had been once in the fall when it was pretty mild and entirely un-snowy. It was a winter wonderland. After spending the last dozen years in the Deep South, I… Read More »