falls1I moved to Northern CA a while ago and couldn’t help but jump into the world of hiking. I’m not a hard-core hiker, and this is not a definitive guide to all things outdoors-y. I’ll post recaps of some of the places I’ve explored and how the hikes went. For some of the hikes, I’ve attached some pictures taken by me or some of my fellow hikers. I’m not a photography buff so the images probably don’t do justice to some of the sights. Feel free to suggest places I should hike, or share tales of where you’ve explored. Guest blog entries are extremely welcome as are your photos from your own hikes. I’ll also occasionally post general news items about hiking, parks and trails, etc., since my day job is in the media. (I’m the Digital Director here at Sonoma Media Investments which includes The Press Democrat and several other local publications.)

- Greg Retsinas

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