The folks at Audubon Canyon Ranch are hosting a volunteer workday soon in case you want to get your hands dirty and do some good. It will take place at their Mayacamas Mountain Sanctuary property about seven miles northeast of Healdsburg on Wednesday, Feb. 13, from 1 to 4 p.m.


Here’s the official info:

Invasives work day.

Join Dave Self and Sherry Adams for a half day of restoration. We will focus on manual removal of milk thistle. This introduced plant can spread into very dense patches, and can be toxic to livestock. Help us prepare the sanctuary for our planned prescribed grazing program by beginning removal of this plant while the patches are still relatively small. Dave will educate us about the ethnobotanical pedigree of this plant.

We will be stooping and bending, working close to the ground, and working on a steep hillside. Please consider if this activity is a good fit for you before deciding to attend. Please wear long pants and closed toed shoes. If you have work gloves and a small garden digger, please bring them, though we’ll have plenty spare ones if you don’t. Limited to 20 people.

If you plan to join us, please let us know by sending a brief e-mail to and state in the e-mail if you are interested in carpooling (that means we’ll be sharing your e-mail address with others who are interested in carpooling), and if so where you will be coming from.”

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