For a park that is only six months old, Mount Konocti has quite a history. Go way back to the active days of the Clear Lake volcanic field when the 4,300-feet-high mountain was probably formed. The result was a series of hills that surround Clear Lake in Lake County and provide a scenic, natural setting for all types of outdoors fun.

I’ve been told that it is still an ‘active’ volcano, although the last eruption was probably more than 10,000 years ago. But given the likelihood that the geological history of the volcanic activity around Lake County probably traces back into the millions of years,

that’s not so distant. In any case, ‘Konocti’ means mountain and woman, and is a word of Pomo origin. This is just one of many spots that was well-populated by Pomo Indians at one time.

The park opened late last year as a Lake County park, and its 1,500 acres make it the county’s biggest. The good news is that to reach the 4,300-plus-feet summit, you don’t need to climb 4,000 feet. The park and a spacious parking area, complete with facilities, is three-quarters of the way up. From there, you can hike to any of several Mount Konocti peaks. I was with a group that hiked to Wright’s Peak, a six-mile roundtrip that included a steep climb. It was a fire road or trail most of the way, and at the top, there are markers for distances to other California peaks (see one of the pictures below for exact distances to Mount Tam, Lassen, Shasta, et al.) and plenty of communications equipments.

In theory, buy viagra hiking up Mount Konocti should boast panoramic views of Clear Lake and the region. Those were obscured by the weather on this day, but it’s worth going on a clear day, both for the workout and the view.

The park includes trails to several landmarks, including a 100-year-old cabin, an old graveyard and some interesting rocky outcroppings. Get ready for walnut trees, as the hike starts by going through a grove of them.

On our hike, we had the pleasure of having a snow-filled day, which makes each step a little trickier but cheap cialis immeasurably improves the entire viagra experience. While it was raining down at sea level and back in Sonoma County, there were beautiful soft flurries swirling around on Mount Konocti.

While there is no fee to park at or enter the park, there are other ways to contribute. Click here for more on that.

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