The view from Sugarloaf Ridge SP

If you’ve tried to get into Sugarloaf Ridge State Park recently, you’ve noticed the difficulty. In addition to the park gates being closed, there are no-parking signs posted in places outside the park where people would often park.

And even where there aren’t signs posted, tickets are still being given out. Which does make me wonder if resources are so strapped that a ranger can’t be at the park, why the big effort to ticket cars that bother to park outside of a closed park?

Dave Chalk and Bill Myers | PD file

In any case, next Saturday, Feb. 18, is a rare chance to hike the park once again. An eagle-eyed colleague alerted me to this hike, which is part of the very popular series of hikes run by Dave & Bill. State officials are letting the park open for hikers only on that day. If you don’t know Dave Chalk & Bill Myers, they’ve been leading Sonoma County area hikes for the past decade. Well worth checking their hikes out.  Eleven more hikes are scheduled for 2012.


Here are the details on the upcoming one. Click the link for even more information:

“Go hiking with Dave & Bill, simultaneously raising funds to help save Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, on Saturday (2/18), 9:45 a.m. State Park officials are allowing the Park to be open for this hiking excursion only; individual $25 donations will be collected on this hike for the Park’s use. The hike consists of two loops (one two- and one three-mile loop). Bring lunch and plenty of water. Information: 833-6288 or”