The solitude of a hike at Lake Sonoma can be deceiving. The place can actually be buzzing with activity and visitors, but it’s possible to hike for quite awhile and not encounter anyone else.

On a recent drizzly morning, a hike there was almost an exercise in quiet meditation, with few disturbances. From various ridges around the lake, campers at campsites were visible and even some boaters. But the distance afforded by the ridge trail kept the noise well out of earshot.

I know, sometimes the lake can seem like party central, with active families and boaters recreating. But now that fall is upon us, that’s all settled down and the lake’s trails are a place to wander and wonder.

I was on the four-mile Half-A-Canoe trail, which starts at No Name Flat parking area and leads down to the lake. There’s a couple of fairly steep sections, but it is definitely doable, even to a beginning hiker, or one who just wants a decent walk with a view.

It is a trail that generally allows mountain bikes during non-rainy months, but none were encountered on that Saturday – see what I mean about quiet time at the lake?


More info:

Lake Sonoma has more than 100 campsites, most of which are accessible only by boat or hike-in. Find out more here: http://www.spn.usace.army.mil/lake_sonoma/camping.htm

Looking for a trail? Check out here. http://www.spn.usace.army.mil/lake_sonoma/trails.htm

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