Sonoma Creek by Verano Avenue

Sometimes a rigorous day hike is in front of you, but who says the hike can’t be a collection of smaller hikes?

With the town of Sonoma as the center point, there are many mini-hikes to check out, from the Sonoma Overlook Park to walks around town to some of the regional and state parks in the vicinity. In the bargain-shopping mentality of doing more for less, here are three fairly easy hikes in and around Sonoma that may or may not be on your radar.

First off, and the easiest of the three, is Maxwell Farms Regional Park.

The 85-acre county park at Highway 12 and Verano Avenue is mostly known for its skate park and its hosting of the Valley of the Moon Boys and Girls Club. Behind the soccer fields is a small woodlands crescent-shaped trail known as the Three Meadow Trail. It’s neither far nor difficult – you could do about a mile of actual walking if you follow the various nature trails – but it is a brief urban escape and it does go right up by Sonoma Creek for a water detour.

Park map

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