Dogbane, or Indian hemp (

Just off of Highway 101 near the Wells Fargo Center on the north side of Santa Rosa is one of the largest collection of dogbane in this part of the country. The endangered plant, which is also known as Indian hemp and was used by Native Americans for making nets, covers a small tract of land that is now owned by the Sonoma County Open Space District.

On Wednesday, Landpaths will be hosting a hands-on walking tour at the Dogbane Preserve.

Here’s what you can expect at the morning outing:
“Join us for a tour and stewardship project at the Open Space District’s Dogbane Preserve (just north of Santa Rosa). On this outing, we will first learn how to make string from the Dogbane plant (as Native Americans in California have done for centuries) and learn why this cultural resource is being protected by the Open Space District (credit dennis). During the last hour we will steward the land and help the dogbane plant spread by clearing away the blackberries encroaching on this stand. Hands on demonstrations; families welcome”

Click here for to register for the free event.