Lots of hiking miscellany to pass on, and I promise I will once I emerge from the post-election, post-vacation, post-travel daze that’s clouding my mind, but in any case….here’s something to note that sounds fun.

Looking for a walking group? You could do a lot worse than the gracious folks who run the

Walking in Sonoma County blog. They started out walking about a year ago and are celebrating nearly a year of trail discovery by inviting people to come along on their 50th hike, which will be next weekend. See their invitation below for more info.

“Walking in Sonoma County” will have its first group walk at Spring Lake Regional Park, Saturday, November 20th at 10AM. This is an easy walk on a paved path with ups and downs to get over the dams. Nature, history and park features will be discussed along the way. Please check out the website at http://backtowalking.wordpress.com/ and leave a comment to get more information.