Great weather this weekend to get out and about and go for a hike.

A few possibilities come to mind:

1. Last weekend’s big Sonoma Mountain peak hike and celebration included a quick detour through Jack London State Park. This weekend is the 50th anniversary of the park’s existence and there are all sorts of events planned for Sunday. Dan Taylor has a good story on the park’s history and what’s slated for Sunday and the rest of the year at the park. If you wander off-course at the park, you can also end up on the grounds of a state hospital and significantly extend your hike, something I’ve managed to accidentally do a couple of times. Click here for Dan’s story.

2. A bit to the north, check out the Mendocino Headlands. Every Saturday this summer at 2 p.m., you can do a guided walk around the park and learn about it. Or you can wander for about a five-mile hike on your own. Amazing coastal views from the bluffs and the beaches. Very windy, but worth the trek.

3. Want to take the kids for a hike or at least a nature walk? There’s a family outing scheduled at Laguna de Santa Rosa, right here in town. It’s put on by LandPaths, so check it out here.

….For what it’s worth, I’m ignoring all this advice and have to stay away from the trails this weekend, dividing my time between my unhealthy interest in the Red Sox, lavender-themed food/wine, and several charming airports across the country, but I’ll be on a trail in spirit, I’m sure.