IMG00295-20100207-1500Ticks are not uncommon. I haven’t gotten any on myself, but plenty of my fellow hikers have. Some are diligent about extracting them properly with tweezers or other devices and then saving the little bugs to have them tested. Generally, dogs get stuck with them far worse than us two-legged creatures. Anyway, here’s a note from a reader on that subject….(The photo is of her dog…)

Yesterday (Sunday 2-7) I took my dog for a hike in Hood Mountain Regional Park. We hiked for about 4 miles staying on the trails. When we had finished our hike, I did the usual tick check. I was SHOCKED to find an abundance of ticks. I pulled 27 off of him before rushing to a pet care store looking to purchase products to help kill the bugs. I have never seen ticks in such abundance.
I thought it would be worth sharing the alert.

Karyn Henson Bertacco