A fellow hiking buddy just let me know about this local event so I’ll pass it along here. If you have any interest in checking out Yosemite National Park, or if you’ve been once or twice and want to get back there soon (I’m in that category), the local REI store in Santa Rosa (2715 Santa Rosa Ave, 707-540-9025) is having a Yosemite event Thursday night. And it’s free. Which is nice too.

Here’s the link to the event, which will be led by the Yosemite Association’s Resident Naturalist. The description says he’ll provide tips on where to snowshoe, camp, ski, hike, etc. during the winter months. I went last summer and managed to survive Half Dome and the cables. Click here to read about that adventure and see the pix.

Would be nice to see the park when I’m not drenched in sweat and baking in the sun.