Several dozen people have been walking all around part of Point Reyes National Seashore since Saturday afternoon, looking for a 37-year-old hiker who disappeared.

According to the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, the woman was last seen Thursday and her car has been parked at McClure’s Beach since Friday. The search for her started Saturday afternoon and continued yesterday. In an earlier post, I wrote about a dispute over how involved law enforcement folks should be in trying to locate missing hikers. By all acounts, this doesn’t seem like a case of someone getting lost on a trail. McClure’s Beach is a terrific little gem on the coast. It’s only accessible during low tide and it’s a steep walk to get down there. Once you’re there, it’s a beautiful private setting where I once napped after a day of hiking. Anyhow, hope this missing-hiker case ends OK.

Today (Monday), the Marin County authorities released this statement:

Katherine Truitt, 37, of Alameda (family photo)

Katherine Truitt, 37, of Alameda (family photo)

“After two days of searching in the McClures Beach area of the Point Reyes National Seashore, Katherine Truitt has not yet been located. The search is now taking a different direction, with investigators now looking at phone records, computer records, etc. in an effort to glean any information that might be helpful in locating Ms. Truitt.

“In addition, rangers from the National Park Service are working in collaboration with the Alameda Police Department on this case.

“Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Alameda Police Department at 510-337-8340 or the National Park Service at 415-464-5170.”