Haven’t been able to hike the past few weeks since I’ve been spending my weekends in airports (7 in 3 days, nice..), but I did get to read a terrific book that I’m blatantly suggesting every parent should read. A fellow blogger and colleague smartly suggested it, so I give him credit. “Last Child in the Woods” by Richard Louv” came out a few years ago and has led to something of a mini-movement to get kids to re-connect with nature. The book’s premise is that kids need to get out

more and

explore. Less Wii, less TV, less iPhones, and more running around in nature. That’s an over-simplification and the book explores many other themes and avenues. I’ve started taking my own child on mini-hikes. Sometimes they’re structured along a trail or exhibit, but other times, the hike is more of a rambling walk. I’ve yet to be disappointed with these outings, and they only inspire me to do more. The book is a good reminder of why. I’ve been called ‘street-smart’ and ‘book-smart’ and ‘tech-smart’ at various times of my life (as well as some not so positive descriptors….), but if I can help myself and my kid become a bit more ‘nature-smart’ as Richard Louv describes it, that’s all for the better. See Louv’s excellent blog here.


The state parks are getting in on this whole Cyber Monday deal. Check out this offer from the California State Parks Foundation. Other gift ideas there as well – blankets, calendars, etc., etc., etc.