Tomales Point, Point Reyes Beach

OK. Headed back out after more out-of-town trips. Too many time zones, too few hours of sleep. Anyway, hike was set for today out at Point Reyes along the coast and then headed over to a beach for a bonfire/cookout/potluck dinner. I was told we may even see some whales off the coast. Didn’t see whales but saw lots of Tule Elk (elks?), which were new to me. Turns out that it is a tule elk reserve. Also saw lots of cormorants and pelicans. (I’m no aviarist (maybe not a word?), but I try.) A fairly easy hike or about 9-ish miles, and mostly in a straight line, but since we were on a peninsula, water was both sides so the views were extremely impressive.

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This was the biggest number of people I’d ever hiked with – nearly 40, which made it a little unwieldy since there wasn’t time to talk to everybody, or even meet everybody. After the hike, I took a side hike about a 1 mile away down to McClures Beach with SLB and we hung out there and napped in the sun for awhile. The potluck/campfire at night at Pt Reyes North Beach was a mess thanks to the gusting winds that blew everything everywhere. Not much to do except huddle under blankets, eat and drink quickly, and get really close to the fire.