Boggs Mountain, Clear Lake

Been on the road for awhile, so was eager to get back to a hike. Headed up here for this one which was being held in something called a State Demonstration Forest. No clue what that means but it looked official and there were parking areas, signs, restrooms and a fire station so it seemed legitimate. Driving up here was new for me, having never been this far north since coming to CA. We (me and SLB – my new partner in hiking and life!) stopped for gas in Clear Lake. Whistled ‘Deliverance’ while I pumped. Kidding…Hike was sunny and warm, until we got higher and then it was snowy and cold. Incredible to go through a few seasons in just one afternoon. We went up nearly 2,000 feet over the 11-mile hike. A bit confusing at times which path to take, but we figured it out. Sort of. An old guy ambling through on his horse was very helpful at keeping us on track. Plus, it’s hard to feel too lost when you’re with about 20 people, half of who have iPhones, compasses, whistles, and enough food to stock a small convenience store. (Speaking of food, I give up. Trader Joe’s it is.) At one point, we stopped for a lunch by a large clearing, and a pickup truck pulled up. Three people got out brandishing several guns. We got to enjoy the sights (AND SOUNDS!) of target shooting while we ate. I was glad they didn’t shoot us. Maybe if we had been further away and resembled a target…….