Matt Davis Trailhead/Steep Ravine, Stinson Beach

Yikes. Back on the trail again after another few weeks of traveling. Good to be back in CA and off the airplanes for awhile. Was about a 7.5-mile hike across a couple of trails. Amazing scenery, plenty of views of the ocean for most of the hike. Felt almost like summer. Super-warm, over 70, I think. Some tough parts as we climbed but not overly strenuous. Our little hiking group keeps growing and growing. Some of the same folks but enough new ones each time. I’m surprised at how many hikers I’ve met who are either native Californians or have lived here for a long time, but haven’t done a lot of exploring of all these parks and trails. For me, as a newcomer, it’s easy to be in awe of it all and just want to get out and explore. And everything so far has been only a short drive from home. The hike ended right smack in the middle of the town of Stinson Beach so a bunch of us went and hung out on the sand, felt the water, had some beers, etc. Even better than the stupendous views has been the chance to meet some very cool people in an atmosphere away from my normal office routine. Some are from my area, and some are from other parts of the Bay Area.