Palomarin Trailhead, Hike to Alamere Falls, outside Bolinas


Was away last weekend and couldn’t hike but came back in time for this one. Turned out to a triptych-type of hike, I suppose. This is part of the Point Reyes National Seashore. I had come to Point Reyes years ago on a trip to SF with some buddies and I had forgotten about it until this hike. I think we had gone to the lighthouse on that trip. Or maybe not. Anyway, this hike started out as a normal trail hike with ups and downs, and then right into the waterfalls of Alamere Falls and a bit of a rock climb, and then a stroll for a mile or so on the beach. This was my first exposure to the Pacific Ocean since moving out so it was cool to actually be in the water. Freezing cold, but still fun. Some of the same people from the Hood Mtn hike were here for this. We stopped for a mini-feast/lunch (I may have been the only person who doesn’t frequent Trader Joe’s….hmmmm…..) on some logs at the beach before heading back inland for the loop back. Not many other hikers out here, which surprised me. The trail route said it was 8.6 miles. Wasn’t tough, but for me, wasn’t easy either.